H-RISE 公益財団法人北海道科学技術総合振興センター 幌延地圏環境研究所


H-RISE 公益財団法人北海道科学技術総合振興センター 幌延地圏環境研究所

Research and Development (Sedimentary Rock Research Group)
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Northern Advancement Center for Science & Technology
5-3 Sakaemachi, Horonobe-cho, Teshio-gun, Hokkaido, 098-3221, Japan.
FAX +81-1632-9-4113

Research Contents

1. Researches on field science for better understanding of subsurface environment for diatomaceous formation and coal beds

Survey on void properties of silicic rock layer and coal beds
Evaluation of changes in physical properties of the subsurface environment during methane production and CO2 storage

2. Research on element technology for development of methane gas deposit and CO2 storage using the subsurface environment

Evaluation of predominant factors affecting the dynamic properties of silicic rock and coal layers in methane production process
Studies on the impact of CO2 on the dynamic properties of the subsurface environment
Development of indoor element test technology modeled on in-situ methods

Research Topics & Publications

  • Development of element testing technology for CO2MB injection method for sedimentary rocks (2011)
  • A proposal on acquisition of void elastic parameter and indoor experiment method for silicic rocks in Horonobe area (2011)

Major Equipments

  • 1. Multifunctinal Triaxial Compression apparatus for Soft Rock (MTS 810)
  • 2. Multifunctinal Triaxial Compression apparatus for Hard Rock (MTS 815)
  • 3. AE Mesurement System (NF Co. )
  • 4. Triaxial Compression apparatus ( Alapha Mecha tech. Co.)
  • 5. Core Borig machine for Rock (Showa Kiki Kogyo Co.)